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SMG Solutions

SMG provides platforms and Services that create continuous customer engagement, effective loyalty programs and increase your bottom line revenues through Influencer marketing


SMG provides award winning leading digital and operational technology platforms that create engaging customer experiences and integrating your marketing efforts to your business operations to increase sales


Our award winning integration, and innovative technology teams interface with the most sophisticated systems to the world of business, intelligence and automation.


Our team provides top talent, industry sought after consultants and blue chip partners to meet your needs of any size.


The SMG team has built a very extensive but exclusive network of successful and influential Fortune 500 advisors, mentors, and financial sector growth and investors that can be leveraged for high-quality projects and initiatives.

Social Media Gateways, Inc. (SMG) has powered the industry and created solutions since 2012. As a modern technology, software and advisory we work with teams, brands, projects, agencies, and consultants in the US and globally. The team is lead by serial entrepreneurs, industry experts and advisory. Our team and platform is a multi-year, leading technology category nominated award winning, and internationally recognized for economic development contribution and being first to market with Point-of-Sale transactional to social digital media interface. The company has a notable and extensive Advisory Board across both IT business, Operations, Retail, Hospitality and government relations sectors.

Our Work

Leading with Innovation.

Our consulting and projects span across almost any industry including digital media and data intelligence. IT business and operation teams select SMG to create solutions and solve technical problems both large and small.


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Partners and Customers



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